Transform Challenges into Solutions

Learn what it means to think the unthought, to reframe problems & questions, to develop user-centric approaches and to transform insights into action. Get the ability to create entirely new opportunities, markets, value offers and business-systems. Clarify the purpose & value proposition of your company and create new strategies around it. Unleash the creative potential of your employees. Become an agile, resilient and ever learning organization.

Supreme Creativity Teaching

I‘m a professional design thinking expert with a business & economics background and 3 years + experience in executive coaching, facilitation, project management and consulting. I deliver frameworks and the proper environment where organizations can learn to innovate and re-discover the power of their own creativity. With my professional network of experts from different backgrounds, I provide customized consulting services for individual requirements.

Become an Innovation Leader

The world is volatile, uncertain, complex and full of ambiguity. By looking at best practices and the competition‘s solutions, no company will survive the fast-changing and unpredictable business environments in the long run. Only by asking the right questions, connecting different perspectives and embracing an iterative process of exploration and the right mistakes, companies can learn how to master the path towards disruptive product, service and process innovation.